I’m spending the entire day compiling everything. I mean EVERYTHING. No phone, no company, just God, Rhonda, my devotion, my heart, and my desire, to make a difference, by conveniencing the lives of others. In this way, it is a blessing in itself. You know, there is such a ‘Magnificence’ being born in this community. I know it is not just a feeling I’m exaggerating, or conjuring up. There is a significant peace.  A new pulse, an unforeseen rainbow, permeating, slowly, through this gradual process of positivity, and peace. Coming, at its own beautiful pace, in our community,

Recently there had been a significant amount of ‘first’ in my life. I’ve learned that when experiencing several ‘first’, one must realize, a message is trying to be conveyed. One must accept, from whence it came, be thankful you are acknowledging those ‘first’.  Then use those ‘first’, as a catalyst, to propel you forward in your journey of LIFE. Today, I am giving those ‘first’, the recognition, in my ‘aha moment’, because, today, I GOT IT! Here it is….The connection!

Only a short time ago (4 years) I Grow Chicago was born, quickly planting it’s seeds of PEACE, PROSPERITY, & GROWTH, in Englewood. Today, I must publish, the presence of God, in the progress of I Grow and Rhonda. Since the I Grow movement, came to 6402 S. Honore, I have written more poems, prayed more, smiled more, given more, taken less, moved more, cried less, walked with more strength, sat next to more adversaries, and reached for that room of Peace during trials and obstacles more than any other time in my life. Every day now, since the arrival of I Grow Chicago, a new smile, a new hope, a new desire… to change, to improve, to experience, to live is being founded. Daily, from the very moment, everyone touched by the Love of God, inhales.

I’m not alone in this experience of smiling again instead of ducking to the ground, or staying indoors: Not because of a physical disability, but because of an emotional disability, created by violence, on many levels, in the past. I know I’m not alone, when recognizing the Metamorphosis, daily. That for so long, we felt as a community, would never have another Horizon. Keeping it simple… I THANK GOD FOR I GROW, you guys have a lot to do with providing us with a better, peaceful tomorrow, today!

In the 500 plus poems I’ve written since I was 4 years old, the first time someone else read my work was when Erin read the ‘ Masterpeice’ at the Fundraiser for I Grow this past spring. That, was the one of the biggest first’s, ever. It was one of the first times I felt so honored, so proud, to say, ‘Yes, YOU, are a POET.” No one can tell me God is not just in the Building at 6402 S Honore. It would take Jesus Himself to stand before me, to remove me from a Truth, I now KNOW.  I Grow and ALL of its family, are covered. I know I’m not alone in this reality. Before anything else know God knows your heart. Nothing thus far has been accomplished without Him. In order to sustain peace, in order to continue growing and moving in a positive direction, we all must initially thank God. We must acknowledge Him. So I ask that you realize today, not tomorrow, Today. Take some time out and thank him for overseeing all…. The movement, the change, the guidance, the protection, direction, the peace, and the hope. Only He has and will continue to provide.  

I’m talking about God, because without Him, in spite of all the opposition past and present, the fear and doubt, absolutely nothing, I mean nothing, has or will come to fruition.  Before anything can move, any progression in our neighborhood, our families, our homes, and our lives in general, the groundbreaking, is without question achieved only with Him! Please make a collaborative effort to join hands with ALL of the Englewood family tomorrow, and before anything, thank Him.  Then continue to see the conveyor belt of growth and peace become founded in Englewood.

Right here in Englewood, TODAY, having that confirmation, like me, experiencing that truth, of us all being covered by God. I know now,when i saw the poem, angels camped around.  The intent, the ideal, the inception and the commencement of I Grow with its entire family was ordained by only one true entity. I’m covered. We are covered. Englewood is covered. I KNOW someone today besides me came to know, and so, so many,  will know. With that, I must ‘first’ thank God, and thank you for letting me be so very thankful for another ‘FIRST’! Confirming emails, addresses and phone numbers, by myself, today, God and Rhonda. He will guide my pen to the paper. I will utilize my abilities, channel my gifts, be thankful for the peace, and make it happen with I Grow Chicago.  ‘The I Grow guide,’ HERE WE COME.