Peace Campus

A healing zone filled with accessible resources that build skills, foster connection, and promote safe and thriving communities.

What is the Peace Campus?

A brave space for building a culture of hope.

On what was previously one of the most violent blocks in Englewood, I Grow Chicago is planting the seeds of change and igniting the collective hope and healing. By transforming abandoned homes and vacant lots into community-led resources, we are building skills, fostering connection, and promoting a safe and thriving community.

A place to serve and support our neighbors.

Intergenerational, inclusive, and community-driven, we meet our community’s needs in thoughtful, human, and practical ways to create long-term change.

All because a seed was planted.

The block of 64th and Honore is much different than it was when the Peace House opened in 2014. Residents now have the trust, courage, and resources to come together to improve their community. The Peace Campus is being built by the Englewood community for the Englewood community, providing jobs and skill building that will forever change life stories.

What’s in the Peace Campus?

Peace House

Once abandoned and up for demolition, the Peace House now serves as a community center with 15 different programs from tutoring to yoga.

Peace Garden

Two vacant, litter-filled lots with toxic soil have been transformed into a vibrant source of food, healing, and connection to self, community, and the earth.

Basketball Half Court

The vacant lot next to the Peace House has become a small basketball court for children to move, play, and learn healthy communication and teamwork.

Healing Justice Court

A contained, multipurpose court for yoga, restorative justice circles, games, and basketball for all ages, partially funded by the Topfer Family Foundation and Strides for Peace.

What’s Coming in 2019?

Family Resource House

Family-specific resources including Women’s Groups, positive parenting training, job and life skills mentorship, early childhood education, and domestic violence and healthy relationship resources.

Teaching Garden

An educational space, with outdoor pizza oven and pizza topping bed boxes, partially funded by the Whole Cities Foundation.

Children’s Playground

From safety to transportation barriers, many of our children can’t access the nearby public parks and playgrounds and have been stripped of their right to play. It’s time to change that.

What’s the Long-Term Vision?

A thriving community, a culture of hope, a world where love lives in public.

Outdoor Performance Space

Creating opportunities for expression and community gathering.

Healing Justice House

A space for daily yoga and mindfulness classes, therapeutic dance and Kai Chi Do, restorative justice healing circles, and certification programs in wellness professions.

HeART in Action House

Creative expression and training opportunities for all ages, including spoken word, drumming, and mural creation.

Meditation Garden

Walking labyrinth and community gathering space for reflection and connection.

League of Learners House

Housing adult educational and employment programming during the day (including GED classes, computer literacy, financial management, and job application support) and youth education after school.

“Kids can walk on this block now. We brought this block back to life. People want to walk around this block now. People used to say, you going to Honore? You bound to get shot over there. Ain’t none of that no more. And I like that. I love this block. Because I did this. Installation, demolition, drywall, we did all of this – to the house, to the garage, to the basement. I’m proud of myself.”


– Noah, Englewood community resident

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