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Join our movement from trauma to transformation, from harm to hope, and from poverty to possibility. Are you ready to be part of something greater than yourself, a community committed to change?

Together we can heal the hood.

I Grow Chicago started in the streets, is supported by the streets, and is transforming the streets of West Englewood on the South Side of Chicago. With your help, our community is making a difference for themselves, their neighbors, and their children. This is our community, it’s your community, and it will take working together as a community to make a lasting impact. We believe everyone can help where and how they can.  Scroll down to see the many ways you can champion change.

Join our Hummingbird Club

One hummingbird may only be able to carry a drop of water, but a million together can put out a fire. Join us as a monthly donor in our Hummingbird Club. No matter what you can give, your monthly donation is critical to our growth and sustainability. Help us heal the hood, one drop of water at a time.

Become a Partner in Peace

Our work is made possible by generous partners who fund our programs, expand our Peace Campus, enhance our programming, provide employment opportunities and job training. Learn all the ways you can bring peace and possibility to Chicago.

Fill our Community Pantry

Support basic needs access with dignity by providing everyday essentials to families in need. Click below to learn what we provide on a daily basis to support our community, and how you can fill our top pantry needs. 

Buy our Gear

We partnered with Cotton Bureau to sell our “Put the Guns Down” shirts. Spread awareness of non-violence while giving back to our community. All profits from these shirts will go directly to I Grow Chicago, and continue to support our programs. 

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