Restorative Justice & Community Building

We build relationships to rebuild our community.

Before our Peace House opened, many of our neighbors didn’t know each other’s names. One of our neighbors and community elders, Ms. Ora, only went to work and came back home. She was terrified of being present in the neighborhood because of the constant violence. She was scared to be at home because it was often broken into by the guys on the block. After the Peace House opened, people had the opportunity to interact and connect face to face. They not only got to know one another, but they became invested in one another. Now Ms. Ora makes Sunday dinners for the guys on the block, and they look out for her like family.

Restorative justice practices work to bring the broadest definition of community together to heal and connect. We do it through a variety of means, including monthly peace circles, community dinners, support groups, and meetings. All of these efforts allow us to see each other as what we really are — humans. Finding common ground and doing critical work together heals community wounds and creates opportunities for collective action.

Love on the Frontlines: Monthly Healing Circle for Frontline Workers

Healing in Community for social workers, activists, police officers, firefighters, and community healers.

We are all impacted by trauma, especially those of us on the ground working for change. No matter what your role in community, you deserve support and healing — and our community is here for you. Our monthly healing circles carve out intentional space for frontline workers and those most impacted by trauma and violence to come together and know that no one is alone in this work. Recognizing that self-care is more than a bubble bath, we are committed to addressing the epidemic of isolation so common in our movements and organizations. We still have a long journey to bridge the divide and build communities that are safe, thriving, and whole. But we are getting there — day by day — as we come together as a community.  

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Women’s Group

Providing a support system for women and mothers to meet their goals.

Weekly peer-led groups work to bridge the gap between who individuals are today and the person they know they can be. Guided work helps community residents articulate goals and navigate individual struggles. In partnership with EarthHeart Foundation, our Women’s Group meets at our Peace House every Thursday at noon. Each session includes discussion, food, and creative expression activities.

Community Building Events

Connecting people of all ages to share and grow together.

From impromptu hugs at the Peace House to favorite annual events, we bring people together. Community is the heart of all the work we do. Monthly events include holiday celebrations, educational workshops, and community meals.

Every year hundreds of children are sponsored for a merrier Christmas and several hundred residents join together for a Thanksgiving feast. Every September we host Peace Fest, a block party featuring vendors and organizations. health education, fun and food, inspirational speakers, a basketball tournament and more.

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