More Supportive Services

Sometimes, to solve big problems you have to start with basic needs.

Want to stop the violence? Start by providing diapers and soap, and you help take away the need to sell drugs to care for families. Want kids to go to school? Make sure they have clean clothes and hygiene supplies so they can walk confidently into the classroom. Get to the root of issues and you can help people bloom.

At our first summer camp, we learned that basic needs are all too often considered luxuries. We asked our kids, “Who has brushed their teeth today?” It turned out that no one had a toothbrush and toothpaste. We realized that while we ask our kids to show up at school, test well, and live up to their fullest potential, they often don’t have the foundation or resources to show up for the world. Our supportive services began with that understanding—we would be a place where people could always come and get their basic needs me with dignity.

Community Pantry

Meeting basic needs with dignity and respect.

Our community has access to key items include diapers, toilet paper, soap, shampoo and conditioner, toothpaste and toothbrush, and deodorant.

Our community pantry is open Tuesday-Thursday, 12-3 pm.

Laundry Services

Providing free, accessible laundry services.

An inability to wash clothes can create the stigma, isolation, and low self-esteem. Addressing this basic need makes a tangible difference in people’s quality of life.

Laundry services are available Tuesday-Thursday, 12-3 pm.



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It takes one seed, one step, one chance to change a person’s life. And one dollar can go a long way in helping us to make that happen.