No Life is Expendable.

There is already a 30 year gap in life expectancy between Englewood and Streeterville, and it is our duty to prevent that gap from widening during this pandemic.

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How We’re Saving Lives

prepared meals delivered

hours of remote children's tutoring

staple food items delivered

plastic face shields

protective face masks

rolls of toilet paper

medical gloves

packages of cleaning supplies


educational flyers delivered

phone prayer circles

children's meals from CPS picked up and delivered

bars of soap provided

bottles of hand sanitizer shared

households received clean drinking water

wellness and medical check ins

laptops provided children to complete remote learning

people supported in legal needs

Why We’re on the Frontlines

Covid-19 disproportionately impacts the most vulnerable. Lack of resources, opportunities, and robust infrastructure compound the dangers of this crisis, leaving too many at risk of becoming casualties to injustice.


  • 62% of the people we serve don’t have internet.
  • During COVID19, this means our neighbors can’t access life-saving, real-time information online. 
  • To keep our community informed, we’re delivering 1,000 educational fliers per week and have a volunteer nurse and a medical doctor calling all our families weekly.


  • 59% of our community is food insecure, and 15% don’t have access to clean drinking water.
  • During COVID19, this means stocking up with groceries to stay safe inside isn’t possible even on a good day. 
  • We’re delivering daily care packages to homes on 25 city blocks. 


  • Over 30% of Englewood residents have no high school diploma, and CPS schools in the neighborhood underperform and are underfunded across the board. 
  • During COVID19,  children don’t have what they need for remote learning: internet, a computer, and in-house support. 
  • We’re providing daily tutoring, laptops, and internet support to all our after-school children. 


  • 66% of our community is unemployed, and the rest are primarily in hourly positions by the service, retail, and hospitality industries. 
  • During COVID19, this means our neighbors don’t have the financial safety net to cover their basic needs – food, shelter, and medicine. 
  • We’re helping out neighbors file for unemployment benefits, emergency rental assistance, and apply for SNAP.


  • 94% of our children have heard gunshots, and 85% report worrying about their families a lot.
  • During COVID19, the fear and crisis-mode of a pandemic exacerbate existing mental health issues and PTSD.
  • Our team is calling over 200 people per day to check in and operating a daily prayer circle by phone for emotional and spiritual support. 

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