On Sunday, December 15, I Grow Chicago will be hosting its seventh annual Holiday Giveaway event to spread hope with more than 3,000 presents to 750 children in Englewood. I Grow Chicago has partnered with local businesses and Chicagoland residents to gather more than 3,000 holiday gifts, valued at roughly $75,000.

Each child receives at least three gifts which are tailored to the children specifically. Each child participating writes a request for what they would like for Christmas so they receive gifts that will make them feel special and loved.  “This event is not just about giving gifts,” said Director of Community Outreach Quentin Mables. “It’s more to bring life and excitement to those we care about, bringing camaraderie and families together. Every kid deserves the right to love. We’re not just giving gifts. We’re giving love. We care that every family, every kid, every household has a happy holiday.”

The Holiday Giveaway will take place at the Peace House at 6402 South Honore Street on Sunday, December 15th from 11 am – 1 pm. Hot cocoa and cookies will be served at the event, as well as extra toys for families who didn’t sign up for the giveaway but still need gifts for the holidays. Community residents will be dressing as Santa and elves to help spread holiday cheer to their own community.