When you come from a neighborhood where the people there don’t matter it’s time for change. For someone like myself I can honestly say that I was part of the problem. And now I want to be a part of the solution or whatever it takes to see a change. You see you can sit around and have everything to say about what it is so wrong or what needs to happen. The truth of the matter is this you have to be the change to see a change.

Now we all know that nothing happens overnight. But the more you do to help things start to get better. Of course some days will be better than others. Some will even be great and have you smiling while others will have you crying. You see my heart is fearless and hungry for a change. It’s the thing that keeps me going no matter how many times I myself have messed up. I strive for a change and not just in myself or about myself.

Sometimes the smallest thing can be so helpful and powerful it brings about a change. People come together on a regular basis go see and get the change that I speak about and are making one heck of a progress. I won’t allow myself to think or feel that I’m in too deep or that I’ve gone too far or that I’m at the point of no return. That would be total nonsense or just someone unwilling to change again I say fearless and hungry so with that I’m ready to do whatever is needed for the change I so seek.