How education will change my life is with education I can better my future and further my education and understanding. I always limited myself to where I felt that I couldn’t go any further in life or there isn’t anything else that I could learn or get outta life, but I realized that I’m not getting any younger I’m getting older. Working with the next generation of youth coming up I encourage them to finish school, push to be their very best and do what they want in life and never let anything dictate or distract them from achieving what they want in life, but what’s the point of giving them words to follow if I don’t lead by living the same words I’m speaking. Once I finished high school I told myself I was done just because I felt I didn’t have time or patience for school. When it comes to your future you have to think, do you have time to live, do you have time to be great, do you have time to leave a positive mark in your name when you get to where you wanted in life? These are serious questions you have to ask yourself. When people speak of you will they remember the good you did, will they speak of the obstacles you went through and how you got through every single one of them without quitting an giving up?

When it comes to me I work a lot with youth and everything I do and say they watch me and mimic my every actions and words. I have to watch to make sure my very actions don’t just impact me but those that follow behind in my footsteps. I always teach the kids I work with that life is like a race. You always have to look at where you started. Is where you started a place where you can see yourself being in 10 years? What are steps you would take to change your situation. Life is like a race with obstacles that block the visions of your future that give you detours that could help you achieve what you wanted but don’t supply you with the lessons and understandings you could’ve received if you finished the right way and took your time.

Growing up we always hear what we could do in life, but what we also heard was we can’t do this or we wont be able to do it and that builds up self doubt that maybe I can but maybe I cant so what’s the point in even trying? I carried that doubt with me that the ones who were close to me were probably right and that maybe its best to just not even try at all, but truth is if they’re living their best life why cant I? Why not do what is needed to greatest. I look at all our role models in life and what steps they took to get there in their career. I know at the end of the day I wanna be great but why stop at being great when I can keep going and strive to be the greatest. All my life I wanted to do things but felt discouraged because I was scared of not being able to do it but when it comes to my education now I have 110% belief that I can do this, I can finish, I will be excellence! I want to be able to look back and say I could’ve I wanna look towards my future like I did this, I made it and push to go even further. I don’t have limiters on my education anymore I have limit breakers when it comes better my future and life.