“I am here to be everything the world told me I couldn’t be.” – Denisha L. Price

A few weeks ago, I was blessed to attend the lululemon Here To Be Summit. The summit was held in the mountains of Whistler, Canada with 50 of the most impactful people across the world. These individuals and I were invited to attend this summit to discuss the ways we use yoga to advocate for healing and social justice. Whistler, Canada will forever be called my “breakthrough space.” I had some beautiful experiences, and also some humbling and tough moments as well. The Here to be Summit confirmed my purpose here on earth.

For five days, we discussed social equality, yoga, healing, and the cultural transformation of lululemon as a company. Taking part in these sessions definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. I knew that everything I’d ever wanted was on the other side of fear. The summit assisted me in making a significant decision of standing for something, or falling for anything. I chose to take a stand, use my voice, and advocate for the needs of all people.

I’d never really thought about the true meaning of a company’s “cultural transformation” until finding myself in conversations with these individuals. In discussing this, it is apparent institutions or organizations don’t transform, people do. I’ve also learned a lot more about lululemon as a company. I was involved in some very uncomfortable discussions about racism, the company’s clothing sizes, and capitalism. We also discussed the healing that needs to take place due to the harm this company has done to different groups of people in the past.  

For healing to take place, we have to discuss these difficult topics, hit some sore spots, and work to make sure everyone’s needs are met. After attending this summit and speaking with Executives, Ambassadors, and lululemon employees, they want change. Not only change, but cultural transformation to get other demographics and cultures involved.

Yoga is not a tool that discriminates. The mat doesn’t discriminate. Yoga is a tool used to heal. Being at the Here to be Summit, I support the vision and mission of lululemon to create world-wide change and healing, especially to the communities that need it.

In transparency, God placed yoga in my life to assist in saving my life. I was going through a rough patch of depression, which is where yoga was introduced to me by I Grow Chicago. Yoga is not something I do for fun or as a hobby. It is my passion, and I take it seriously!  I want to share this practice with the entire Englewood community and people who are hurting. I plan on using my yoga practice to share with other Chicago Police Officers and underserved communities. Who am I here to be? I am here to be a breath! Inhale! Exhale!