Healing Justice Court

On two previously vacant lot, our NBA Regulation-Size court is a place for all ages to play, blow off steam, and have a positive outlet.

Behind the Healing Justice Court

As we grew from a Peace House to a Peace Campus, overwhelmingly our neighbors asked for a full-size basketball court, some place where everyone could play. Honoring our community requests, in May 2018 we purchased two vacant lots and began work on our Court.

It was critical to the success of this project that we involved our neighbors every step of the way. We hired a local Englewood contractor, supporting 10 local construction jobs including three residents of our block, and we continue to engage community elders to manage the court. 

In July 2018, we held the Grand Opening of our court with nearly 150 people of all ages joining us for a day of joy and celebration. After a blessing of our court, speeches by Alderman Lopez and Commander Johnson, and a ribbon cutting with our Wisdom Council, we held our first tournament, alongside games for the younger children. On this historic day, we saw the power of intergenerational efforts to create peace. 

On average, 50 people per day utilize the court. Every moment someone is playing on the court is a moment they aren’t engaging in unhealthy behaviors. Through our Healing Justice Court, we are working to create a community of true belonging, drawing people together through collective gathering space.




Healing Justice Court Features

  • NBA Regulation-size court
  • Bleachers
  • Fitness training equipment
  • Community mural


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