Name: Bridgette

Age: 42

Occupation: Mother, grandmother, hairstylist, server at Q’s Tips & Wings BBQ

How has I Grow Chicago affected your life?

“My experience with I Grow I would have to say is first me meeting very considerate, honest, loving, supportive, and generous people. I have really expanded my mind, far as giving back and helping people. I love being around positive people.

It’s helpful for the life I’m trying to make for my family, keeping them on the right track. So far they have helped my son JB branch out and become the man he needed to be. Now my son has been working for almost 2 years and with a baby on the way.

Then my daughter Ganika, they took her in. They helped me so tremendously by teaching her gardening and later helped her get her diploma and go on to college, all with the help of Ms. Sharon. With my daughter passing on November 2, 2016, from seizures, I Grow didn’t stop. They kept going and helped me raise money for her home going. And it didn’t stop there. On December 9, 2016, Ms. Robbin, founder of IGC, had a celebration in Ganika’s honor because she was so loved.

So the people at IGC are concerned, positive, honest, loving, hardworking, safekeeping, trustworthy, respectful, strong bonded, and always pay attention to others’ needs. To sum it up, that backbone you didn’t know you had.”