Born to Thrive

Help us create more resources and opportunities for Englewood students to succeed in remote learning — because children deserve more than just survival.

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Born to Love

Born to Grow

This summer, we operated an in-person camp for 6 weeks during COVID. Our pre- and post-surveys showed us the true impact a loving space can have during times of crisis. Now it’s time to deepen that impact. 


of campers reported feeling proud of themselves by the end of camp, compared to 64% at the beginning of camp.  


of campers reported worrying about their families a lot, a drastic decrease from 88% at the beginning of camp.


of campers, unprompted, mentioned using yoga or breathing to calm themselves down by the end of camp.

With these results in 6 weeks, imagine what we could do in a year. 

What are YOU born to do?

Thriving in school and in life shouldn’t depend on the color of your skin or where you lay your head at night. Post why you believe we are ALL #BornToThrive and tag us so we can show the world that we all deserve so much more than just survival.

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