Walk before you talk. Justice isn’t a marketing campaign or a way to check the box. Please do not release a diversity statement unless you are willing to do the work. Please do not over-publicize your efforts. Yes, a company that does good is attractive in the market, but your effort will be disingenuous if you promote before you truly engage in tangible anti-racist practices. This kind of virtue signaling, when not backed with committed, ongoing, tangible actions, is nothing more than marketing. BLM posts without anti-racist practices reads as inauthentic as “natural flavors” in our junk food. Do this work because lives are on the line, not because of your bottom line. Once you walk the walk, then you can talk the talk.

Director of Development writes about 5 tangible ways that we can commit to anti-racism practices. Learning and educating yourself, sitting with discomfort and realizing how trauma affects all our bodies are all part of this journey.