“All great changes are preceded by chaos” – Deepak Chopra

This quote explains my journey to becoming “Peace” perfectly. At birth I was given the name of James Lee Coleman. Later I realized with the help of restorative justice that to be the truest me, I would have to recreate the person I was.

Not long before this journey began, I was chronically homeless. In this realm with literally nothing, I discovered that everything I needed, I already had. Hope can come in many forms, but it only has one job, to fuel the flame of change.

If the question were who I was or what I was, the answer would be a human. My mistakes may have been a little more colorful, but in all they were lesson of what not to do. Without any reluctances, I must say, the battle with myself is amongst the hardest fights I’ve ever fought in my life.

Truly a masterpiece sits before the world, but not to be admired or bought. More so to be a influential force that pushes those around, and far forward in the right direction. On August 28th, 2018 I Grow Chicago offered me a opportunity to be a part of their family. With pure honor and grace accepted.

The belief that I was more than what I portrayed myself to be guided me from the state of mind I was in and begins to reflect physically.

Like all great things this blog must come to an end, and I must continue my journey. But remember you are only as big as your mind allows you to be. PEACE…