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Supportive Services

Survive to Thrive

In or Survive to Thrive program, we work with community members comprehensively to identify and break down the barriers that are preventing them from being successful in life. This program is completely customized to self-defined needs and goals.

Community Peace Pantry

Through our community pantry, I Grow Chicago helps our community meet basic needs with the dignity and respect each person deserves.

Community Building Events

Through monthly inter-generational events, we connect communities so we can share and grow together. Events include holiday celebrations, educational workshops community meals.

Chi-Rise Police-Community Relationship Building

Our Chi-Rise program facilitates discussion between community members and police through community dinners, meetings and peace circles. Ultimately, this program allows us to see each person as what we really are – humans.

Laundry Services

An inability to wash clothes comes with stigma, isolation and low self-esteem. By providing free, accessible laundry services, I Grow Chicago meets a basic need that makes a difference in lives.

Men’s Group

Using our core values of courage and non-judgment, this peer-led group works to bridge the gap between who you are today and the man you know you can be.

Community Mentorship

I Grow Chicago supports crisis intervention, deescalation, and life skill development through our ongoing individualized mentorship program.

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Life After School

Life After School allows children to decompress and relax after school in a supportive environment. This program includes games, yoga and mindfulness, creative playtime, a healthy snack and most importantly, FUN!

League of Learners

Our impactful tutoring program provides children with an environment in which they have the opportunity to realize their potential through one-on-one learning and allows them to feel loved, intelligent and respected.

Spring and Winter Break Camps

These programs provide safe space for children to find joy while school isn’t in session.

Summer of Hope

Our inter-generational summer camp creates an opportunity for play-based learning, creative expression, laughter and a space for kids to be kids. The program includes daily yoga and mindfulness, art activities, nutrition, and field trips outside of Englewood.