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I Grow Chicago works holistically with the Englewood community to transform lives by teaching mindfulness coping techniques, tutoring children and youth, and providing needed resources such as workforce training, food, school supplies, hygiene products, and clothing.

Annual Reports:


2014-15 Annual Report


2016 Annual Report


“For myself, yoga changed my thought process, how I respond to negative energy. This past summer, when I was doing yoga and some of my friends walked past me and they was laughing at me for doing yoga. But I ain’t care what they was thinking. Yoga helped me find myself. It made me humble myself, not taking anything for granted and just being myself. I found that through yoga, discovered what I want to accomplish. And it’s had a tremendous impact on the kids. Yesterday I had them do this activity, where they had questions on a paper. How can I be successful? How can I be respectful to myself and others? What daily routines can I practice in order to be great? I’ve seen yoga impact the kids. When I’m at the schools teaching them yoga, for those 45 minutes, each and every one of those kids is free, finding a peace of mind. They be excited when we come in. We’ll walk in and they’ll already be meditating, chanting before we even start. Every lesson gives them more and more light so they can know who they can be.” — Quentin Mables, I Grow Chicago children’s yoga instructor and community resident

“Yoga for me personally, it clears your mind and start anew. For the children, they take the experiences they have in yoga home with them, into their other circles. I think that’s fantastic. They’re gaining something in their lives, and they like it enough to share with others. The goal is to get some smiling faces in the community, and that extends beyond the walls of this Peace House” — Ora Bradley, community resident

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