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Creative Expression


Art in Action

Using all types of creative expression, this program promotes healing, self-discovery, and justice.

Express Your Peace Project

I Grow Chicago’s Express Your Peace Project connects communities
across the world with a visual dialogue begun with the question:

“What does peace feel like to you?”PHOTO-SCULPTURES

Peace Swap
How It Works: I Grow Chicago will send each participant two blank wooden Peace Sculptures to be decorated. Each participant should decorate both figures—one to keep, and one to send back to us. The sculptures sent back will be displayed as part of an installation at our Peace House. Be sure to also send us a pic of the other sculpture displayed in your home or your community!

For Individuals:
Order unfinished Peace Sculptures ($10 + $2.99 for shipping and handling) and pay via PayPal or by check.

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For Schools and Organizations:
To sign up your community or school to participate as a group in the Express Your Peace Project, simply tell us about your group and the number of participants.

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Return your completed Peace Sculptures to:
I Grow Chicago, 415 E. North Water St. #2503, Chicago, IL 60611